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Creating healthy connections

We work with you and your team on stable common ground discover shared values and goals and help you develop a favourable team culture. 


Goal setting, trust and commitment

You are about to kick off a project and want to achieve the best possible result despite different interests and goals?

We help you negotiate common ground and form a stable base for collaboration, so that you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.


Promoting psychological safety and role clarity

Psychological safety and role clarity are two of the most important success factors in team work. Can I say openly what moves me? Do I know my role and position in the team? 

Together, we draft a team and role compass so that you can fully focus on shared tasks and navigate safely through any potential storms.

When things go askew, we go inbetween

Early recognition and clarification of dissonance is not always immediately possible in working relationships. 

However, minor disagreements in human relations can build up over time into crashing conflicts. 

Even if the parties involved subsequently avoid each other, hidden and open conflicts always demand substantial personal energy and organizational resources.

With our proven tertius strategy for conflict brokering, we help you resolve dissonances so that you can focus your energy on productive activities.


Use case:
An organisation is divided because an initial misunderstanding between two leaders morphed into a tangible conflict. After setting the framework for brokerage, the diverging perspectives and attitudes involved are identified and the two leaders are empowered to resolve the conflict themselves.

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