ur network

We create unique networks every single day

Networks form the backbone of organizations and societies: In them we recognize recurring patterns that help us navigate through social worlds. 

Together with you, we develop network maps with relevant actors and relationships focusing on the essentials: your overarching values and goals.


Embedded Change Consulting

Your organization is always in motion. Behind every organizational chart lies a dynamic network of informal relationships. For change projects it is therefore important to understand the structure and dynamics of networks to enable a considered organizational design.

We help you launch and execute change projects, sharing our knowledge of the power of networks and relationship building.

«Lively, varied, hands-on.»

Networked decision-making and strategic networks

We accompany your change projects by connecting with relevant actors within the company and bringing all stakeholders together. 

Above all, we emphasize transparent and timely internal communication. We impart our knowledge to individuals or teams and build change communities ensuring you retain internal knowledge for future change projects.

Our specialities include workplace and office change projects, projects on hybrid work and on globally distributed collaboration.


Use case:

Communication between management and employees is hampered by misunderstandings resulting in resignation, negative gossip and simmering emotions. It is precisely this "talking badly about each other" that costs organizations time and energy every day.

By focusing on negative energy, tolerance is lost. We change that: After identifying the key players involved and breaking points in their relationships, we work towards favorable interaction patterns.

Is your organization facing a major change project? Do you want to use the power of network for decision making?