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Self-cultivation and Empowerment

Most Connection Mindset® Coachings (CMC) revolve around central life issues like interpersonal relationships and coping with everyday challenges. 

Also support for important life decisions, for self-development and for enhancing feelings of self-worth. 

Just a few conversations create clarity and help replace unfavourable patterns with healthier routines.


cm = focus (+) sync!

We wish to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible in tackling dysfunctional patterns grown from experience and learn to accept and deal with them in a healthy way. Between impulse and response lies personal freedom

Use Case:
Again and again, B falls back into her old pattern, emotions emerge and she feels paralysed. She cannot explain her experiences - everything happens quickly and automatically. In a few coaching sessions she time travels to the origins of her experiential patterns and learns to recognise trigger points and how to use her own resources to cope.

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«The imaginations created in the coaching sessions helped me. They enable me to better relax during stressful situations.»